Over the past few decades, the lifespans of leading global organizations have been substantially shrinking. As a result, many organizations have started to re-think and shift their sustainability and survivability agendas. At Adaptive Creek, we help customer focused organizations navigate the uncharted journey through organizational change, innovation, and continuous improvement. Our team is on a mission to help co-create more effective and resilient organizations, with the capacity to learn and adapt to change.


Adaptive Creek drives organizational innovation. We are kindly exploring, sequencing, and evolving the DNA of organizational systems, to boldly go where very few have gone before. We use a collaborative and customized approach:


Start monitoring your organizational pulse by explicitly identifying: current practices; changing needs; measurable outcomes; actionable metrics/analytics; options; and assumptions.


Take full ownership of your organizational improvement journey, continuously supporting acts of individual and collective leadership at every level, so that your organization becomes more effective and adaptive.


Focus on understanding and delivering services that meet and exceed your customers' needs and expectations.


Frequently review and identify actionable opportunities for more effective service delivery and continuous improvement.

“It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” – H.D.T.

Let's make something awesome together!



Do you need advise and guidance on alternative ways to continuously improve the delivery of services that meet and exceed your customers' needs and  expectations?

We partner with your organization to influence more effective decision making; as well as higher levels of collective leadership, autonomy, ownership, service-orientation, and emergent organizational agility. External consulting can help drive innovation, allowing your teams to shift from previous practices and embrace new alternative ways of thinking and working.


Do you need support and increased accountability identifying and pursuing individual and collective goals?

We partner with your organization and engage in a coachee-centric, inquiry-driven, and thought-provoking process; focused on setting goals, creating outcomes, and managing change. External coaching can inspire your teams to make more effective changes in the way they autonomously organize and work, in order to maximize their individual and collective potential.


Do you need assistance re-designing or running exploratory sessions and more effective decision-making meetings?

We help your organization run well-designed, fun, interactive, participatory sessions. External facilitation can help spark new ideas and collective insights. Enabling your teams, workgroups, and stakeholders to achieve better outcomes more effectively.


Do you need to develop new skills, and shift your collective mindset to become more resilient to changing conditions?

We deliver general introductory Lean and Agile training for program managers, team leads, and service delivery teams. We also design and facilitate experiential learning sessions, and e-learning courseware customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.


We would like to hear from you. Please drop us a line to find out more how we can help you. Let’s make something awesome together!

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